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MycoTEX, a seamless manufacturing method to create products from mycelium

Aniela Hoitink 

After she completed Fashion Design at the Utrecht School of Arts (1999), Aniela Hoitink worked for various fashion companies (i.a. Tommy Hilfiger, Gaastra) designing successful collections. In 2008 she founded NEFFA to focus on fashion innovation. Hoitink trained herself in working with different types of technology and microbiology and implementing those into textiles. Her focus is on changing material and production techniques, instead of changing human behaviour. She believes this is easier than changing our consumption behaviour, as this behaviour is older than our production techniques. Currently her focus is on MycoTEX, a ground breaking seamless manufacturing method allowing for custom-made products made from compostable mushroom roots. With MycoTEX she wants to transform the complex, non-transparent fashion industry from the outside by offering trendy and sustainable clothing through an innovative yet simple and transparent system. Hoitink received various grants, honors and awards, and won the Global Change Award in 2018. In addition, she is considered to be one of the 100 most innovative women in the world.

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