ECO Wheat - Straws B.V.;
Towards a plastic-free planet within one generation

Bas Carolus Johannes Latten

ECO Wheat - Straws BV is a sustainable company, born from the passion for scuba diving, which focuses on carbon dioxide reduction, making worthless agricultural residual waste valuable, in collaboration with Platinum Partner Chemelot. Bas started, together with his partner and best friend Sean Colombon, their adventure in the Philippines, where the idea originated, in the winter of 2019.
Since January this year, in collaboration with our Platinum Partner Chemelot, subsidiary of DSM, we have been developing our natural wheat straw products to reduce CO2 emissions, microplastics and residual agricultural waste worldwide, but also want to serve giants in the Fast Food industry and Health Care with this natural and sustainable product that can be nature composts within 21 days. We now supply both private individuals and businesses. From Albert Heijn and Irma Denmark to the entire Oostwegel Collection and Marriott Germany.

Our mission is; together towards a plastic free planet within 1 generation.

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