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1st edition

Martine Bouman MCBA winnaar 2017.jpg


Prof. Dr. Martine Bouman, founder of the Media & Health Center and special professor of Entertainment Media and Social Change at Erasmus University in Rotterdam - is working on a process that is bearing fruit, thanks in part to her innovative and daring approach.


She shows that she will not quit before her mission is accomplished, and she is well on her way to moving bricks around in the proverbial foundation. She has managed to get a large group of followers with diverse backgrounds and expertise involved.

Martine Bouman MCBA winnaar 2017.jpg
Martine Bouman MCBA winnaar 2017.jpg



Jan Jonker translate sustainability to new ways of organizing the economy, society and changes in human behavior.

Jeroen Rondeel stimulate and/or develop new business in the Venlo region that is based on sustainability philosophy

2nd edition



Dr. Bart Knols, MSc is a medical entomologist affiliated with Radboud University in Nijmegen, and an author and entrepreneur who has been working on the fight against malaria for many years.


Bart Knols is working on the development of an inexpensive trapping system that can exterminate malaria mosquitoes sustainably and without the use of insecticides.



Matthijs Bosveld en Sjim Romme, Initiators Foundation ‘Mens Achter de Patiënt’ in Maastricht. Project: Making medical education more human.

Developed an education module in which students from the care and welfare domain are linked to care suppliers to learn from, with and about each other and understand the broad impact that disease has.



Ap Verheggen, artist, co-founder and Creative director at SunGlacier Technologies

Project: Clean water all over the world

Working on technology to extract water from the air, by developing an entirely new condensation technology, which in the future allows to produce off-grid water, virtually anywhere in the world.