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Bringing more medical innovations to the patient

Danielle Curfs

Having been involved in public-private partnerships both as researcher and project manager for over 10 years, Danielle Curfs experienced the many hurdles in medical developments. Most of the ‘more or less proven’ medical research never reaches the patient.
Increasing the chance of transforming more medical research concepts to the patient and market has become Danielle’s life goal. She developed a business model for a shared work-learning environment to accelerate medical innovations in the most cost efficient manner: Medace. Several startups already experience the benefits of this accelerator in Maastricht. They are successfully guided through the regulatory landscape and taught to produce correctly, in the right infrastructure. Approval of their concepts for clinical testing becomes easier to achieve.
The award will help Danielle to acquire a GMP license to accelerate cell therapy developments. She has already established the required ISO certification for medical devices. ‘If we achieve this, it is the most unique and multidisciplinary (cell therapy and medical devices) certified ecosystem example available: A (bio)medical expertise centre for startups contributing to sustainable health care worldwide.’ 

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