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Ghislain Irakoze 

At Wastezon we are on a mission of leveraging technology to create a waste-free world. Wastezon provides households and recycling actors with the mobile app technology for efficient waste collection, sorting, and traceability. Our technology assists the recycling actors to outsource their raw materials while on the other hand helping the households to get rid of their e-waste by selling them. The app tracking system reduces the human errors relating to skip delivery and collection both at the client and Recyclers premises while our waste detector feature, help the end-users to detect the mineralogical content and estimate the waste value. To date, Wastezon has registered in its mobile application 150 e-scrappers, 3 recycling Industries, 180 households, and collected over 480 tons of electronic waste (e-waste) which is equivalent to 2826.42 metric tons of avoided CO2 emissions. Wastezon is contributing to SDG 12 &13 by keep materials in-use for a long-time while building a circular system, as well as helping cities to overcome waste management issues. 

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