Jounaid Beaufils

Jounaid is developing Rise.Band, a connected device that allows communities (like universities) to fight against sexual violence. The device allows anyone in danger to raise an alarm at the push a button and transmit it to anyone with the same device within 500m. The people who receive the signal can locate the person who rang the alarm on the smartphone app connected to the device and come provide help.

The tool is technically and socially innovative: its tech is designed to enable the geo-location of the person who raised the alarm with a precision of 3m, something phones cannot reach; and the system works by empowering a whole community to stand for one another, rather than focusing on the people at risk, transforming the social dynamics of the battle against sexual assault.

In the Netherlands, 56% of women and 21% of men report having been victim of sexual violence, with often lasting consequences on their physical and mental health and their life potential, meaning solving this issue will be transformative for the world.

More information about the project:


Email Jounaid@rise.band

Website https://www.rise.band/