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Bringing AMR Insights to the next stage

Maarten van Dongen 

My name is Maarten van Dongen. I don’t accept that millions of people need to die as a result of antibiotic resistant bacteria and other resistant microorganism. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) now kills over 700,000 people every year. By 2050 even millions of people may die each year from AMR. Economic losses by then have been estimated at about $100 trillion and AMR may push up many millions of people, mostly in developing countries, into extreme poverty. A skilled Microbiologist, with lifelong professional involvement in pharma R&D, innovation and partnership development, I have been investing and building up ‘AMR Insights’ since 2016. AMR Insights provides an action-oriented organisation and growing, interconnected international network of professionals focused on fighting AMR by informing, educating and connecting professionals worldwide. My ambition is to do so from an increasingly strong and sustainable organisation which collaborates with committed professionals and with national and global, public and private organisations. The Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award helps me to bring AMR Insights to the next stage and serves as multiplier for further global expansion. 

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