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Thinking, dreaming, daring and doing, across geographical, scientific and organizational boundaries, this was Marc Cornelissen until his unexpected death in 2015. As a professional adventurer he had one passion, creating a sustainable world. Therefore, he dared to choose other pathways than the usual ones. This attitude and spirit is also the basis of which Brightlands scientists, students, entrepreneurs, professionals work together and connect across boundaries, to the great challenges of sustainability and health. His ideas, courage, enterprise and impact is praised by the world nature fund international top scientists as Robbert Dijkgraaf and opinionleaders and Andre Kuipers. They say, “let’s keep his work and spirit alive”. With the introduction of the Marc Cornelissen | Brightlands Award, Brightlands contributes to his great heritage.


“After graduating from TU Delft, he traded a budding career as an architect for that of a professional adventurer. On his own steam, Marc reached the geographic North and South Poles (1997 and 2000), a feat that has only been accomplished by a handful of people worldwide.


His expeditions to remote and hard-to-reach areas have formed the basis for television documentaries, books, publications and inspiring lectures and training programs for business. From his experiences, Marc distilled valuable insights on collaboration, team development, leadership and dealing with change that have withstood the test of time. Marc has seen the impact of climate change with his own eyes, particularly in the North Pole region. This inspired him to support climate research in the pole regions, draw attention to the problem, and develop projects which focus mainly on finding solutions. Among other things, this led to an initiative he started, Ben & Jerry’s Climate Change College, and his ambassadorship for the World Wildlife Fund. Click here for further information.”