Meet the candidates

Twenty five sustainability pioneers applied for the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award 2021. These candidates would like to share their projects. 

Inspiring and promising. This is the jury's summary of the applications for the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award 2021.

The jury is impressed by the courage, guts, creativity and potential impact on sustainability. In addition, one candidate is still relatively at the beginning of the expedition and another is in the next phase of commercializing his or her dream. But everyone is looking across borders to make the impact that is needed.

The candidates selected by the jury for the pitches on 8 December are:

Dysmus Kisulu, Twan Heetkamp, Maayke Damen, Jonge Klimaatbeweging / Youth Climate Movement, Panos Kouris, Nila Patty

The 3 finalists to compete for the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award on January 20, 2021 are:

Dysmus Kisulu, Jonge Klimaatbeweging, Panos Kouris

Van Ego naar Eco

Jonge Klimaatbeweging/ 

Youth Climate Movement

STEF Collective

Annde Dijkstra & Hilde Sijbring

Green Academy Project: Making schools the motor of Circular Economy

Maria Tomai

ECO Wheat - Straws 

Bas Latten

H.E.R.B.S.: healthy natural textile dyes

Nienke Hoogvliet

The Fight against the Invasive Oak Processionary Caterpillar

MSP-Maastricht IGEM team


Ghislain Irakoze 

Patient as a Person Foundation

Matthijs Bosveld

Bringing AMR insights
to the next stage

Maarten van Dongen 


Aniela Hoitink 

Bringing more medical innovations to the patient

Danielle Curfs

Holikiday retirement homes

Paul Rinkens

THT New Cool -

100% electric reefer trailer

Twan Heetkamp


Jounaid Beaufils 

Soneva Namoona Noonu

Nila Fariza Azilia Patty

TORWASH for recycling of biodegradable plastics

Jan Pels

Living Coffin

Bob Hendrikx

Blockheating: high temperature datacenter waste heat recycling

Jeroen Burks

Timmy de Vos

E-waste Race

Excess Materials Exchange

Maayke Damen

Plezier en gezondheid  door interactief te bewegen

Carla Scholten

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