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Soneva Namoona Noonu

Nila Fariza Azilia Patty

Waste pollution is growing. Research has even found that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Coming from Indonesia, where there was a lot of pollution, Nila realised that it is crucial to take personal and immediate action. So in 2016, She decided to start living without waste. Yes, zero waste. She produces no waste at all. She does not send any waste to landfill or incinerators.

Her action started in The Netherlands, where she collaborated with the local government to create behaviour changes, shared her story in 2 TEDxTalks, and supported the community with her zero waste workshops and lectures. She also wrote her thesis on plastic waste management on the small islands. Therefore, small islands waste management and empowerment are her passion. Now living in the Maldives, together with Soneva Namoona NGO, she is working to stop open burning and open dumping on the small islands. She is inviting you to support the team and join the fight against waste on small islands.

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