Holikiday retirement homes: no waste, no financial profit, happy tenants

Paul Rinkens

Holikiday delivers a radical and sustainable breakthrough in the way we care, construct, and earn. Holikiday’s retirement homes cost less, don’t make much either, but are extremely profitable for individual lives and local communities. Holikiday offers more sustainability, more quality of life, better health, and personal happiness.
Holikiday chooses Mrs. No Pension and consciously doesn’t choose Mr. More Profit. Holikiday makes sure that Mrs. No Pension can fully enjoy the last years of her life. Besides, Holikiday brings back caring between people within their local communities.
Holikiday contributes to 5 out of 17 UN-Sustainable Development Goals: 
·       good health and well-being
·       industry innovation and infrastructure
·       sustainable cities and communities
·       responsible consumption and production
·       partnerships for the goals
For three years we have been crossing the country, searching for suppliers who believed in our ‘build without waste and financial profit’ philosophy. We seized the first challenge by taking the complete building process into our own hands. Finally, we are getting more and more support for our second challenge.

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