Give to sick children (Meer pootjes aan het bed)

Pim Martens

Pet visitation programs are becoming more common in hospitals, nursing homes, and similar settings. Animal assisted activities (AAA) offer relaxing, playful and pleasant activities that motivate participants to be active and alert, that bring joy and a pleasant time, cheer up, stimulate communication and distract from illness and unpleasant situations. In the child department of the  MUMC+, together with the animal farm The Heeg and Gaia ZOO, for some time animals are being displayed to children and can be petted once a month. This had received some attention and parents and the children enjoy this a lot.


This project wants to professionalize and expand the Animal Assisted Activities in the MUMC+, by educating staff and volunteers on when to link what animal to what (type of) patient; knowledge of the behaviour of the animals, zoonosis and hygiene protocols in the hospital; it will also develop a virtual zoo for those kids that are not able to interact with the animals.

More information about the project: