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ProfCore: This award drives innovation, and motivates and encourages companies and scientists

ProfCore partner of Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award

At the beginning of this year, ProfCore became a Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award partner. “Why? Because we eagerly support every initiative that involves sustainability and circularity,” says managing director Jos Crijns. “This award drives innovation, and motivates and encourages companies and scientists. We’re more than happy to associate our name with this.”

ProfCore is a personnel service provider with over 500 professionals employed in industry at companies in Limburg and the ZOB (Southeast Brabant) region. This family business is part of another family business, Koobra Invest, which Haan Industrial Group is also a part of.


“As a true family business, with more than 35 years of experience, we cherish our employees, maintain a long-term vision, and sustainability is embedded in our business processes,” says Jos Crijns. “I would even venture to say this is only natural in a family business. ProfCore can’t make a major difference when it comes to the energy transition and the shift to circularity. This responsibility is borne by the government authorities and the companies at the Chemelot Site here in Geleen, for example. And, of course, through the innovations developed at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. By supporting the Marc Cornelissen Award, we are making an indirect contribution to the big changes that must and will take place in industry.”


With over 200 employees, ProfCore has a strong presence at Chemelot. “So much is changing, and the outside world doesn’t always realize this,” says Jos Crijns. “The traditional chemistry at the site is definitely being geared towards the transition to sustainability and circularity. The campus is attracting more and more companies and startups that are working on new materials from waste plastic, for example, and are coming up with innovations to make chemical processes more sustainable. I think we should show the types of things we’re working on more, but branding requires a lot of time and energy. An award acts as an incentive for the outside world, particularly if it bears Marc Cornelissen’s name and is supported by a large number of parties. It takes time to develop an award that is this serious and judged by a top jury, but we saw a very high number of entries this year and Vertoro is an outstanding winner.”


ProfCore is not the first high-profile company to sponsor the award. The company joins the ranks of Sappi, Stamicarbon, 3W, and housing corporation Weller, among others. “Of course there’s a business interest involved. We like to take part in networks and Chemelot is one of our home bases. The award enjoys very broad support, and via the network, we also come in contact with educational institutions and can introduce our company to talent in the area. The most important motivator however is the transition, and this is what it’s ultimately all about. This can only succeed if we do our best at every level. Everyone can and should do their part, from the business community and government authorities to private citizens when it comes to separating waste and using sustainable energy.”