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We want to raise awareness about Marc's legacy

Maria van der Hoeven, President of the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award foundation: "The award is experiencing a very positive development, especially with the support of

Brightlands as a proactive name giver. The enthusiasm for our initiative continues to grow, both with our partners and the Friends of the Award, and with as many as twenty-five sustainability pioneers who have been nominated for the award.

Maria van der Hoeven, was the jury foreperson and is now the president of the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award foundation. "The candidates are sustainability pioneers from the Netherlands and various other countries. On December 8, there is a so-called pitch where six selected candidates present themselves. Three of them go on to the final on January 20. Due to the pandemic, this is not a physical meeting; interested parties can attend the pitch and the final event live through virtual channels."

Growing commitment The board, consisting of partners and Friends of the Award, has been expanded with Michel Verschuren, on behalf of MVO Nederland (the Dutch CSR institute). Freek van Eijk of Holland Circular Hotspot and Marcel Wubbolts of Corbion have been added to the jury panel, further increasing its expertise. This makes our team even better connected and more powerful, says Maria van der Hoeven.

Maria welcomes the geographical diversity of the candidates. "We want to raise awareness about the award, both on a national and international level, and about Marc Cornelissen's legacy. Marc embodied courage, perseverance, leadership, and connecting to others to create a sustainable world was his special gift. That is also the task of our foundation. There are no losers in this award process; we make sure everyone stands out. I also welcome the growing number of Friends of the Award and the participation of the partners from the public and private sectors. The door is open to other interested organizations and individuals to commit themselves to us."


Community "The Friends of the Award support us with donations ranging from € 50 to € 500. Together with our partners' contributions, these donations constitute the prize money of € 35,000 that the winner receives, to be spent on sustainability activities. They will also receive a memorable keepsake. We involve our partners and Friends in the goings-on about the award and the Brightlands campuses as much as possible. With the candidates, we are building a community of sustainability pioneers, organizations, and individuals who feel called to the quest to create a sustainable world. WMO report We need many more sustainability pioneers, according to an article published on November 23 on the Dutch news website Nu.nl under the title ‘Record greenhouse gas concentration in 2019; level continues to rise’. The article is based on a report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). This report clearly shows that no improvement was achieved in 2020, even though aircraft mostly remained on the ground due to the pandemic, and people worked from home on a massive scale.


Trying our best even more Maria: "This message indicates that we need to try even harder to address the greenhouse problem, and that we need to work even harder on creating a sustainable world. Sustainability covers a wide range of areas of interest, from health and nutrition to circularity and biodiversity. The Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award does not focus on one theme.