Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award

The award is an initiative of the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award Foundation.

​ The first award was presented in 2017 to Martine Bouman, founder of the Center for Media and Health in Gouda, the Netherlands. The second edition of the award was presented in 2018 to Bart Knols for his work on the development of an inexpensive trapping system that can exterminate malaria mosquitoes sustainably and without insecticides.

The award consists of a memento and a cash prize of €35,000. The amount is to be spent on the activities identified by the candidate during the application and nomination process. After a preselection event, the jury will select three candidates who will compete as the finalists during the official award ceremony.


For further information, please contact Maurice Olivers, email

In case you want more information, feel free to contact Maurice Olivers, email