Winner 2nd edition of Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award 2018

Bart Knols | Fighting malaria

Dr. Bart Knols, MSc is working on the development of an inexpensive trapping system that can exterminate malaria mosquitoes sustainably and without the use of insecticides.The dream of enterprising scientist Bart Knols is that malaria will be out of the world during his lifetime. He is a man with a passion for the most pressing world problems, just like Marc Cornelissen was and so are many Brightlanders. The current strategies and instruments to fight malaria are inadequate. Moreover, we know that they are not green and sustainable. Bart and his followers are convinced that he has a solution that can be an important step towards eradicating malaria in a sustainable way. He is committed to combining the right expertise in materials and sustainable chemical processes. Together with new local entrepreneurship, it's possible to develop a mosquito trap and eradicate malaria. With his creative and practical way of eradicating malaria, the jury sees this as a good basis for taking successful steps in this direction. Undoubtedly, this method will soon also be applicable to other tropical infectious diseases

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Other finalists Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award 2018

Matthijs Bosveld en Sjim Romme

Making medical education more human.


Matthijs and Sjim are the initiators of the Foundation ‘Mens Achter de Patiënt’ in Maastricht

Developed an education module in which students from the care and welfare domain are linked to care suppliers to learn from, with and about each other and understand the broad impact that disease has.

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Ap Verheggen
Clean water all over the world

Ap is an Inventor/artist, co-founder and Creative Director at SunGlacier Technologies

Working on technology to extract water from the air, by developing an entirely new condensation technology, which in the future allows to produce off-grid water, virtually anywhere in the world.

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